"Allowing Pet Lover the potential to build of there pet lovers community and bring them together."​

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

We know the best IT solution for you .

#Mypetdating is our new mobile app.

My Pet Dating is a dating app for pets. Owners can make a profile for their pets. My Pet Dating app allows your pets to get in touch with other pets around them. You can match them, which lets them remain in contact using the chat feature in the app and can arrange outings, meetings, and much more. You will be able to chat with the pets you match.

This is first version of our app, so we need your Support and valuable Feedback.

MOTIVE : "Allowing Pet Lover the potential to build of there pet lovers community and bring them together."

DEVELOPMENT: "This app has being developed by team of the International Applicants of Australia for the betterment of society ".

STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVED: "Jivtesh (Intern/ Senior Developer), Vineeth( Intern/ Server Analyst), Gurpyar (Intern/ SEO Specialist), Rajveer Singh (Project Manager), Karanbir Singh (Co-Founder Analyst Programmer)"

INNOVATION: Uber IT solutions started on 22 August 2018, to create a platform for all the students to give the real-time project, this company was the solo idea of the Karanbir Singh which was been encouraged by his mentor

My pet Dating App is a unique platform for all the people around the world who loves their pet and love to meet people with similar interest for their pets, this project was an idea of Karanbir Singh.

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