7.0 Liability limitations

You are aware and agreed about Uber IT Solutions Pty Ltd and its employees, agents, partner companies and any other person shall not be responsible for any type of losses whether direct, indirect and any scenarios, ended up with the use of products or services, provided information on the website and any other activities. In the above-mentioned cases, Uber IT Solutions and its connected bodies are found responsible for any damage which arises in or out, in many cases, then the liability of the Uber IT Solutions Pty Ltd will not exceed.

8.0 Company Disclaimer

You agree that Uber IT Solutions Pty Ltd do not responsible for perfection, the validity of the content provided on the website. You should not be considered that information on the company website are keep on updating time to time as per current status of any services or products. Uber IT Solutions Pty Ltd is not blamed if the provided information on a website related to removed and any other irrelevant source.  All the information provided on the website stays “as is” and any guarantee (suggested or mentioned), any type of condition or term, counting without any kind of limitation, any purpose or any other cases are excluded.

9.0 Eligible Laws

All the terms and conditions mentioned above can be done as per guidelines of the government and appeal submission of all non-exclusive jurisdiction in Victoria and New South Wales courts if there is a conflict regarding these terms and conditions.

10.0 General

If you have any inquiry about our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us anytime via call or on our website.

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